GŁnter Umbach, M.D., International Trainer, Consultant, Author, Speaker

Member of the Institute of Management Consultants USA

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Helping Medical and Marketing Professionals Succeed


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GŁnter's workshop and consulting sessions are energising learning experiences where
participants update their practical skills and professional know-how emphasising:

  • Solutions: Original insights using real-life case studies
  • Results: Recommendations for maximising your impact
  • Success: Practical tips for effective implementation.

The resulting insights help you create the blueprint for your future professional success.

Based on Dr. Umbach's Writings

Zeitschrift Published Articles
Articles and columns in professional journals and newspapers

Flyer Flyer: Succeed with Know-How
Making Marketing Work For You

Buch Book "Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business", Gower Publishing, London , also available as audioversion.

Buch Book "Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing", Second edition, German-language, Springer Science+Business Media (How to succeed in pharma marketing)

Buch Book "Erfolgreich als Medical Advisor und Medical Science Liaison Manager", German-language, Springer Science+Business Media (How to succeed as a Medical Advisor and Medical Science Liaison Manager)

About Dr. GŁnter Umbach

GŁnter Umbach, M.D., is a board-certified gynecologist, a former research fellow
at the University of Texas, a Senior Associate of Management Centre Europe,
a guest lecturer lecturer at several universities and a member of the Institute
of Management Consultants USA.

His clients profit from his experience as medical advisor, medical director and
marketing director in the pharmaceutical industry. His book, articles, interviews,
course documentations and and online resources illustrate how to benefit from
scientific data. For free tips, ideas and additional information, please visit